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  1. Education & Training
    Education & Training
    Having a partner with experience is advantageous. Periodically education and training programs need realignment, an overhaul or a new strategic direction.
  2. Education Keynote Speaker & Guitarist
    Education Keynote Speaker & Guitarist
    Learn, grow and enjoy. Live music during your conference event provides opportunity for attendees to relax, and participate making it engaging, memorable and fun.
  3. Information Technology
    Information Technology
    Administration and assessment consulting provides that second look to ensure your IT investment aligns with your business goals and daily function, maximizing dollar value.
  4. Dr. Lambert Fooks
    Dr. Lambert Fooks
    Professor, IT and Technical Training Consultant, Musician
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  1. Keynote Speaking
    Keynote Speaking
  2. Instructional Design
    Instructional Design
  3. Server & Cloud Administration
    Server & Cloud Administration
  4. Technical Training
    Technical Training
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